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More than ever homeowners are expressing a greater interest in design and décor. New materials combined with time tested techniques are making this an exciting time to remodeling. 

But before you start sending out dozens of emails and making phone calls, sit down and think about your project. What’s your budget? What is the scope of your project? Will you need more than one type of professional to complete your home improvement project? Can you afford to complete the full project now, or should you tackle it bit by bit?

Once you’ve settled on your project’s priorities, budget and scope, it’s time to start researching home design professionals. Don’t sell yourself short and settle on the first professional you set your sights on. Make sure that you’re working with someone local, who can get to the jobsite easily and efficiently. Look into the person’s reviews, ask to speak with former clients and to see previous jobs in person. Take a good look at their portfolio photos: How similar are these projects to your own? Be honest — that mansion might look beautiful, but it might not have a lot in common with your little bungalow.

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