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Maillot has been crafting custom homes in Calgary and surrounding areas for over 65 years in both acreage and inner-city communities.

The Journey Begins

To inspire. To impress. To astound. This is the Maillot Homes benchmark. It is reflected in our exceptionally crafted custom homes and unparalleled customer experience.

Just as our homes are built on a solid foundation, so too is our company. Maillot has been crafting custom homes in Calgary and surrounding areas for over 65 years in both acreage and inner-city communities. In 2005, Rob Ohlson took the reins as owner and president of Maillot Homes, with a vision to become Calgary’s most inclusive home builder.

Today, Maillot Homes is one of the city’s most established and reputable builders of breathtaking custom homes. Our sister company, M2, brings the same quality and value to its inner-city lifestyle properties. Over the past 65 years, we have learned that homes are not simply measured on the finishes, craftsmanship and comfort that go into the design, but on the delight our customers take in the journey.

The team at Maillot Homes wants you to be absolutely thrilled by your new home. And by the attentive, caring, individualized service you receive every step of the way.

From start to finish, we ensure the planning and building of your custom home is a unique, enjoyable and stress-free experience. It begins by providing you with a full understanding of the custom build process before you make a commitment to us.

We promise to be transparent. We promise to listen to you. We promise to make this house your home… and to build the best home we can.

Hours Of Operation

Monday 8:00 AM - 500 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM - 500 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM - 500 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM - 500 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 500 PM
Saturday Closed
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On The Map

You can find Maillot Homes main office at 100 Commercial Drive, Calgary, AB. T3Z 2A7.


Maillot Homes

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When choosing Calgary’s most desirable properties, our goal is to ensure that you are getting maximum value on land that will provide exceptional market value for years to come.

Maillot Homes is continually searching the communities where our clients most want to be, and are regularly adding exceptional properties to our land portfolio. This saves you the time and effort of searching for a property yourself.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in our inventory, the team at Maillot will help you research available properties, advise you on lot selection and review any bylaws or architectural guidelines concerning your property. It is a level of personalized attention and commitment that comes part and parcel with every Maillot custom home experience.

Building Custom

Building a custom home with Maillot begins with the sharing of your vision and what inspires you. Explore your ideas with Maillot today and learn about our custom approach to building your dream home.


Are you seeking the premium quality and elegance of a custom-built home, but need to move in on an accelerated schedule? Our inventory includes a number of unique, never lived in, and fully finished homes available with minimal wait.

Maillot Available Homes are exquisite, one-of-a-kind custom homes from the minds of Maillot and our Independent Architectural Designers. We draw on over 65 years of experience working with Calgary’s most discerning homeowners to design and craft exclusive homes with universal appeal. Depending where we are in the building process, we can accommodate your requests around layout and finishing details.


Our Reviews

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5.0Very Good
Ramel Oriel

Ramel Oriel


We’ve been living in our custom home built by Maillot Homes for 6 weeks today and couldn’t be happier with the final product. Rob, the owner, is hands on during the whole process and his staff follow his lead to ensure customers are taken care of. Trades are carefully selected and it shows their relationship with Maillot is valued and they know that any work they do will be re-done if it isn’t done to high standards the first time. During the whole process, speaking to each trade and staff was easy. We didn’t have to worry that shortcuts were being taken because time and time again, Rob and co displayed the ethical and socially responsible decision making to earn his loyal following. The same cannot be said about others in their industry. Thank you Maillot team for building our forever home…

John Hripko

John Hripko


My Team has represented Maillot Homes for several years both selling their new builds as well as representing buyers for their exceptional product. Our experience, and that of our clients has been exceptional. The Maillot Group has been very professional, transparent, responsive and have a progressive, honest approach in their dealings. The obvious thought is that, sure, you represent their product so of course you will only say good things about them – yes, some would go down that path, ourselves, we will only represent organizations that share our values and who we truly believe in, otherwise we would not be associated with them. With maillot Homes you can purchase with confidence.

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